• Number:

• Algebra: Pattern

Number Boards come in different configurations:
• 1 – 100, 1 – 120, blank
• as charts
• as write-on wipe-off boards


0:00 Intro
3:00 Number Clues
7:00 Patterns
15:10 Place Value Knowledge
19:00 A problem
24:30 Using the Blank Number Board

Mathematical Language

Counting 1, 2, 3, etc. multiple, lowest common multiple, pattern, tables.

Using Number Boards

The Hundreds Number Board may be used to help students:
• count
• count in multiples, eg 2, 4, 6, 8 … Start at any point on the board and count forward by threes,
  fives, etc. Start at any point, eg 99 and count back by seven. Will you ever say fifty?
• notice place value relationships between numbers
• develop pattern recognition (multiples of 7, seven times table
• perform calculations
• develop mathematical language

Find My Number

The game Find my Number helps students gain familiarity with the Hundreds Number Board and builds a students’ mathematical vocabulary. The teacher provides clues to help students find a particular number on the board. Here is a sample set of clues.

  • The number is even
  • The number is less than fifty
  • The number is a two-digit number
  • The digits of the number add to make 10
  • My tens digit is NOT 2
  • What number am I? (46)

Typical Classroom Requirements

A class set:

– 32 boards.
Ideally one board each or one board shared between two students.

Support and Complementary Materials

Hundreds Dry Erase Boards
Number Dry Erase Boards
Number Boards Book
Transparent Counters