• Geometry: Symmetry, Reflection

A Geomirror is a translucent piece of plastic about 9 cm by 15 cm. One of the 15 cm edges is rebated. When using a Geomirror the rebated edge must always be placed downwards and facing the user. The Geomirror is held upright by two ends, which in the case of a Geomirror are mirrors. The geomirror may be used to determine lines of symmetry.

Mathematical Language

Line of symmetry, reflection, symmetry.

Using A Geomirror

While holding the two ends the Geomirror can be placed perpendicular to the shape being examined. The Geomirror is the ideal tool for testing whether a shape has a line or lines of symmetry.

Typical classroom Requirements

A class set:

~16 Geomirrors
Ideally one Geomirror per pair of students, but one Geomirror per group of four students would be sufficient.

Support and Complementary Materials

GeoLand Hinged Mirrors
GeoLand Hinged Mirrors
GeoLand Hinged Mirrors