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This is a general term applied to materials that might be placed in a block corner in Kindergarten or to materials that might be found in a home toybox.

Construction Materials Videos

Introduction to Maths with Construction Materials

A simple game with Linking Cubes

Mathematical Language

Positional language: above, below, next to, over, under.
Size: bigger, longer, shorter, smaller, taller.

Using Construction Materials


Smooth wood, plastic, or foam assorted blocks. These often include prisms, pyramids, cylinders, cones, arches etc


Brick type materials where the pieces join and form walls


Stick type materials that connect to join at junctions

As children freely play with these materials they can use their imagination to build a variety of objects from houses to spaceships. As children build, some of the language of mathematics may be shared. Reference may be made to constructions that are longer or taller than other
constructions. Pieces may be referred to as cylinders. Young children will notice that some pieces roll, while others don’t. Children soon work out that if building a tower, strong foundation pieces are required.

typical Classroom Requirements

class set:

A variety of construction materials.

Support and Complementary Materials