• Measurement: Time

When learning to tell the time, a geared clock should be used because the hour hand shifts as the minute hand travels around the clock face. This means that at half past ten or ten thirty the hour hand will be half-way between 10 and 11, while the minute hand is pointing to the 6.

Mathematical Language

Analogue, digital, hour, hour hand, minute, minute hand, second.

Using Clocks

Students need to be able to tell time in analogue and digital formats.
Students will need to be able to calculate the time that elapses between two time periods.
Later, students should be exposed to 24 hour time.

Typical Classroom Requirements

class set:

One demonstration clock and at least one student clock between two students.

Ideal: One student clock per student

Support and Complementary Materials

Teaching Clocks
Time Flipboards

Timing Devices

Sand timers and stopwatches may be used to measure time intervals and give students a sense of time periods such as 30 seconds, one minute and so on.