• NUMBER: Counting

Counters may literally be used as objects to count or may be used to show progress in a game.

Counters Videos

Mathematical Language

Counting numbers: one, two, three, partitioning, patterning.

Using Counters

Counters come in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes. The most common sizes are:

Counters may be described as:




Two-sided, Two Colour

Transparent counters are ideal for placing onto boards e.g. hundreds grid where the student needs to see through to the number below, whereas opaque counters cover what is beneath. Transparent counters tend to slightly magnify what is beneath them. Opaque or transparent counters are typically used in board games.

Two-colour two-sided counters are ideal for use on Ten Frames or games where two different colours are used to highlight patterns. Typically two-colour counters will feature a dark colour and a light
colour eg red and yellow, blue and red.

Typical Classroom Requirements

class set:

• At least 1000 transparent counters
• 500 opaque counters
• 500 two-color counters

Support and Complementary Materials

Pawns may be used to mark the progress of a game. They are easier for children to pick up and move.

Dr Paul Swan’s Teaching with Ten Frames Book
Pawn Counters